Well…I guess I have two things to be legitimately depressed about now.



One of these is our older cat, Timmy.



He hasn’t been doing so good for a few months now. At first it was just that he’d lost a ton of weight and his coat looked really scruffy. Then it was the incessant meowing whenever he was looking for someone…

Then, maybe three weeks ago, I noticed his pupils wouldn’t always contract and dilate according to the amount of light in the room. He could be looking directly out the window at our white fence, which is blazingly bright when the sun shines on it…and his eyes would still be almost all pupil. But sometimes they’d go back to normal. And then it started happening that only one of them was normal. His behaviour was totally normal…just that eye thing seemed weird…


And then he started walking round with his head held at an angle, like he was lopsided or something…and not long after that, he started bumping into things all the time. Chairs, people, walls…but we couldn’t tell for sure if he was just being old and clumsy, or if his eyesight was really going bad, because he’d still occasionally chase after things and he’d go up and down steps and jump into chairs to sleep.


But yesterday after I took my shower, I went into my room to dress for work, and found Timmy in the corner, looking at the wall like he was lost and didn’t know where to go. I made the little clicking noise we make to call the cats, and said his name and he seemed to know where I was and rubbed up against me and purred (surprising, since for the last few months he’s sort of gone out of his way to avoid me…nobody else…just me), but then I went to leave the room again and called him, and instead of following me, he went under my desk and wouldn’t come out.


Today Timmy’s seemed a lot worse. He was laying near the table when I came downstairs today, and that was okay, but when he got up, he just kept going in circles and bumping into chair and table legs, and he wouldn’t stop if I tried to stop him from walking around and around like that…he’d just try and feel his way around me and finish his circle. And he did lay down by my chair for a while, and I patted him…but after I stopped patting him, he got right back up and started going in circles again until bumping into chairs tired him out and he lay back down.


It seems inevitable that Timmy will probably die very soon.

I know pets don’t live forever…but he’s been our kitty since I was twelve.



I’m very sad about it.  -_-