Timmy’s doing even worse today. I was afraid I’d go to work and he’d die before I got home…but he’s still hanging in there. He can’t get up or lift his head though, and it’s hard for him to drink anything because he can ‘t hold his nose up out of his water dish, and he gets really agitated when we try to help him too much.

He keeps trying to pull himself across the floor like he’s going somewhere, but he can really only move his right foreleg unless he’s getting agitated and then he can move the other three really clumsily. Felt bad earlier when I got home because I was sitting near him and talking to mum, and he kept trying to scoot himself until I moved where I was sitting…apparently he was just trying to see who was there.  : /

His eyes are still really unfocused and it’s hard to tell if he’s seeing us or not…but he can definitely hear where everyone is. Felt bad about that, too, since Deady was doing something goofy and I called him over with that little clicking noise. Timmy’s ears perked up and he was trying to move his head towards the sound because he thought I was calling him. He’s still able to meow some, too…not that this was necessarily a good thing, since he was only meowing because my parents had to bring him into a different room and he didn’t want to be picked up and carried…poor old kitty.  -_-

All the other pets are pretty upset about him being like this…Deady and Lemony keep coming over and sitting near him and watching him and going to lick his face, and Domino kept going over and hovering near Timmy and looking at us all like, “you guys, something’s wrong with Timmy :(” and I feel a little bad because she kept almost stepping on him and I had to swat her away and she thought she was bad…poor little pets.