Couldn’t sleep last night. It was after 530, and I heard my parents and the dogs go downstairs when I finally started dropping off. Woke up at 830. Went to a supervisor training class. Took an hour+ to get home afterwards. Made some tea and was irritated because I opened the fridge and discovered we had no milk. Waited until dad got home with dinner (and milk) to drink it. Did some laundry. Had a brief conversation with Alexander and made a note to get more cookie ingredients. Folded towels. Still need to get my laundry out of the dryer. Been listening to my alt. rock playlist. I can’t listen to that genre for too long without remembering my junior year of college. What a horrible year. Lucky for me that Ashton Nyte’s solo albums are on the list. I feel less awful if I listen to them. Kept going back to the story I’ve told myself for almost six years now. I had started leaving off it, but I guess I go back to it more and more when I’m not feeling so good. I probably shouldn’t. Makes me think even more that I have obsessive-compulsive tendencies, since one of the symptoms is recurrent thoughts or thought patterns. Along with all the other ridiculous things I have to do just so. Paragraph breaks are not one of those things, I guess. Keep thinking maybe I will write to K and thank them again for having me over, and tell her maybe about all this badness I can’t seem to shake. Keep not doing it. Am pretty sure that on Saturday I will go see the first half or so of Wagner’s opera, Siegfried. Am kind of looking forward to it (so nice to work in a theatre that also shows live opera). Know zero people who might be interested in going with me…but…it has a dragon.


I cannot now be certain of hitting the right keys or, if I go to reach for something, getting my hand to the right place. Suppose I am now tired enough to post this and fall asleep quickly.