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Nevermind about me writing anything substantial. I don’t have anything to say to you all.


Just another one of these stupid things that I wrote back in September.





Hank The Cowdog

By John R. Erickson

Illustrated by Gerald L. Holmes




It’s not easy being Head of Ranch Security, not when your only help is a dim-witted cur named Drover, Pete the cat is mocking you at every turn, and your employers are always yelling at you and kicking you aside with muddy boots.


And on top of all that, there’s the murders.

There’ve been two chickens killed on the ranch, and when Hank is mistakenly blamed for killing them, why, it’s enough to turn a good dog into a wild-mannered outlaw…



Reeser’s Opinion:


Yeah, this is a kids’ book.


I really enjoyed it when I was in elementary school, because I liked reading Hank’s Texas accent, and I thought he was a really cool dog. Reading the book now (through crayon scribbles, occasionally), the book is obviously farcical and Hank is about as dumb as most of the other characters he’s constantly criticising…but I guess I must’ve taken him seriously when I was a child.


It’s still kind of a funny book at some points, like when Hank and Drover are picking on a chained-up boxer dog, but I noticed some things about it that would probably make a lot of people classify it as “unsuitable” for kids anymore.


There are a few instances where Loper, the cowboy, gets annoyed with Hank and very nearly shoots him for barking at coyotes at night. Kind of extreme for a disgruntled dog-owner. Kind of Tom-and-Jerry like violence. Kind of.

The book is also super-racist with the way it depicts the coyotes. I guess they’re supposed to be like the worst kind of portrayal of Native Americans, since they no speak English good, and are given to having names like “Girl-Who-Drink-Blood” and they fight all the time amongst themselves and sing songs about how they’re worthless savages who like to fight and kill and hate learning or working.


I dunno…I guess I’d personally still let kids read this book, since it’s super cartoony and I don’t think it turned me particularly racist or anything (granted, my family is part Cherokee anyway), but I have a feeling a lot of adults wouldn’t go for it if they knew about that.


Still debating on whether to get rid of this one or not.