Listening to a lot more Marilyn Manson today than I’d anticipated.





With the exception of Sunday, when I’ll be going to a family get-together with relatives on my dad’s side of the family, and Thanksgiving (I know, right?! I’m off on Thanksgiving! It’s a miracle!), I have almost all morning shifts through next Wednesday.


I hate waking up in the morning hours. I always feel unpleasant and half-awake, even on those rare nights where I went to bed early enough.


I may deign to come back later this week and answer the query placed to me by FoliageDecay. (Yes, readers, cower in the presence of that passive sentence!) I may also finish that challenge I started forever ago and sort of left off.


Maybe I’ll even tell you about what I did when I went on my mini-vacation nearly a month ago.



Maybe…maybe I’ll even boast that I’ve got all my Christmas things done with the exception of new collars for the puppies, a kitty treat for Deady, and something as yet unknown for dad.


And the painting, I guess…I don’t even have ideas for what to paint that I can send to my friend in China. I mean, I like to do animal pictures, but I don’t know what animal I want to do…canine creatures and dragons are my two staple animals, and cats figure in there occasionally…not so good with horses and deer and those sorts of animals…I seem to fail at the concept of the eyes not being on the front of the head.

But whatever I try to do, it has to be fairly simple, since I am not nearly as good with paintings as I am with just drawing things.


These pretty much represent the best I can do (as far as I know).










So yeah, if anything pops into your head that maybe I should try this or that, leave a comment.



I guess I will mess about online for a little longer and then go read and sleep.

The new Twilight film comes out tomorrow night. In this season of thanksgiving, I can assure you that my working the morning shift tomorrow and avoiding the glittery twihards is pretty high on the list.



But rest assured, I still hate mornings.