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30 Day Extremely Drawn Out Challenge


Yeah, remamber I was doing one of these? I got lazy. Or bored. Or something else entirely.



Day 21 — Your thoughts on death


This is a non-specific prompt. I hate those.



Is it asking what I think will happen when I die? (Probably.)


What about what I think of the dying process—a bit more scientific or psychological question?


What about how death makes me feel as a human being on a planet with billions of other creatures that will all die, or as a pet owner whose elderly cat died recently, or as someone who lacks the will to kill other creatures, but who loves meat?


What about how death pertains to me as a Goth?



See, there are a lot of ways I could think about death, either in general or about specific deaths, or about different aspects of it and how it affects the way I feel or what I think…but the thing that ultimately matters to me about death is that it’s going to come for me someday.



And someday it’ll come for you, too.