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Challenge Post


Day 22 — Your most significant childhood memory



Challenger, you are a dumb. You just are.


I mean…my most significant childhood memory? Significant in WHAT WAY???



There are a lot of random childhood memories I have, but I don’t know how to classify them as significant or not. Especially since I also have a lot of childhood memories that weren’t significant to me at the time, but years later I could look back and see how my memory of that thing happening, or what that person said or what I did affected me when I was growing up.



I don’t know how to answer this question.

It’s like…even if I try to make it specific, like maybe what I remember about Thanksgiving as a child, I can’t answer that because I only remember one thanksgiving before the one when I was 15. I can remember bits about all the ones after that, but the only one I remember from before was when I was pretty young (maybe eight?), and I think my dad couldn’t be with us at Thanksgiving because he was at the fire house, so instead of having a big old turkey, we had this sliced turkey that I thought was icky.


I mentioned this to my mum once and she said I only remember bad things. Not true…it’s just that somehow good memories seem to be harder for me to put in context.


Not that this is explaining anything about my “most significant” memories. I don’t know what to claim as my most significant childhood memory. I don’t think it’s possible. Even for people who have some clearly amazing or traumatic events in their childhood that they remember, I don’t really think they could point to those things and say, “this was the thing I remember from growing up.” That’s using too narrow a definition for a human being.



I am all my memories. Even the ones of things that never happened.