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Challenge Post & Musicks


I will post the song first so you can listen (or not) while you read.





People Watcher by Diary of Dreams


Why? Because there was something about the tone of a few of their songs that caught me at the start of this year. I’m not especially attached to the lyrics, but the sound of the song? Absolutely.








Day 25 — Talk about where you go/went to high school


I went to three high schools.



Freshman year, it was a Catholic high school.

I was pretty upset that I had no classes with my best friend at the time, and that contributed a lot to us growing apart. I didn’t actually have other friends at school, either, so that didn’t help much.


We had horrid uniforms and maybe a quarter of the girls looked like they were a half step away from being the sort of Catholic schoolgirl that would appear in an adult film.


The only teacher I actually enjoyed having was my theology teacher, who made us keep journals and wanted me to stop in after class and talk with him (I still think this was a trick because my teachers all thought I was depressed).

My English teacher seemed to think I was an idiot and told me when I was signing up for my sophomore classes that honours English would be too much for me.


Luckily…one of the secretaries had a daughter who didn’t like me and who also had a friend threaten to kill me because she and her friend mistakenly started talking to my mom over AIM and didn’t like what my mom had to say to them about the way they were talking when they thought it was me. So I stopped going to school there after a year. Because I like living and hate phoney, whore-looking Catholic girls who are going to try and bully me and not smarten up and stop it when they’re talking to my parents.



Sophomore year, I went to a tiny Christian school called Maranatha. I didn’t really make any friends in my class, but they were nice to me and I would hang out with them sometimes. I also made friends with a freshman named John, who is still my friend, and Aaron and Sylas, who were in the senior class. Sylas was the first Goth I ever met, so we can blame some of how I am now on him.


It was the first school I ever went to where I didn’t have a uniform, and all of the teachers were really good to me. It was great. Except that this was also when I learned that different Christian denominations have issues with each other, and that this means that they will sometimes be offended by me even though we believe essentially the same things, and that sometimes people can be really rude to you if you don’t belong to their particular brand of Christianity. It was eye-opening.


Junior year was largely the same, except that Aaron and Sylas weren’t at the school anymore, and that was a little lonely. There was also a dummy named Bruce that started picking on me a lot…and I feel kind of bad about remembering him as such an awful person because I guess he also killed himself sometime within the past year or so…


And then in February, we found out the school would be closing permanently when the school year ended. I was incredibly sad about that.:(


My senior year was at another, larger Christian school. Again, failed to really make friends in my own grade, except for JD. He’d been in my grade at Maranatha, so we wound up sitting together a lot and at the beginning of the year we collected a bunch of students from the lower high school grades that had also been at Maranatha, and that way none of us had to be completely lonely, regardless of what grade we were in.


The teachers were okayish…discovered a lot of disorganized and illegal and dangerous and hypocritical things that went on at that school and made me really dislike it, but what can you do?

Made the majority of my classmates dislike me because I’m antisocial like that (and because I thought they were jerks to the underclassmen, and because I got angry when they would try and get away with doing disruptive, inappropriate things, AND because I said I disliked things they did on my Xanga, since that was the year when everyone had a Xanga…). Didn’t miss any of them once we graduated.



And so ends this novella about my high school years.