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Welp, I missed yesterday’s music posting. Instead, I went to a safety & security meeting at work and have to speak to someone now because I had an inescapable moment of dumb.>.<”


Then I visited Jester and helped him wrap gifts. It was good times. I haven’t used gift wrap in a while…I was lazy last year and did all reused gift bags.




And since I know you’re eagerly awaiting more musics, here is two.



Not in Love (Feat. Robert Smith) by Crystal Castles


Why? You guys know I work in a movie theatre, right? (You know now.) Well, we have these goofy “Cinema Sounds” music clips that play through the theatre hallways and bathrooms and in the theatres when there’s nothing on screen. Since I started there last year, this has been the only song I’ve even remotely enjoyed. Like…I swear I’m not a big Robert Smith fan…but I did gat a little excited that Cinema Sounds had included a song with a Goth vocalist.








The Last Unicorn (cover) by Bad Romance


Why? Um, because it’s about a unicorn (even better: it’s about a book about a unicorn!). And because this version is the super techno/dance one. I love it. It used to not be available on YouTube…but guess what I just found! 😀


Best. Day. Ever.