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Welp, I was getting ready to leave today, and was promptly delayed by this guy.








Nope, that’s not my Wolf.


That is a coyote…and while this is a photo pulled from a google search, there’s something about this picture that makes the animal seem not small. The coyote we saw running willy-nilly through the field behind our house today was also not small. He was probably the size of a large dog, so I kind of wonder if he was maybe a dog-coyote hybrid, but idk. I did not want to meet him in person, so I wound up hanging about inside after he ran around the neighbors’ house.



I remember hearing the coyotes yipping and howling when I would get home from work some nights in the summer, or on some of the evenings when Jester and I went for walks, but this is only the second time I’ve seen one of them. Eek.








Mad World (cover) by Gary Jules


Why? Donnie Darko. It was stuck in my head for a long time.