Greetings one and everyone. Today I has the tired, and will be sleeping as soon as I post this (I hope).

Also hoping I do not dream about being at work again. Too many dreams about work lately. Only one (which was one too many) about people at work writing odd messages to me on the backs of tickets. And also about a fat white cat with tabby spots who is telling me his name is Cthulhu and he is the dark lord of all. Um. No.

Here are two songs, as I try and catch back up from my few days of absence.

Day of The Dead by Voltaire

Why? Because it’s fun. I sing along with it sometimes driving between home and work.

Almost Human

Why? Because I had begun a playlist early in this year where all the songs were from the POV of devils and various demonic entities…I went ahead and added all the songs about angels, too, so there are about 141 songs in that playlist now. But in January there were maybe eight that I listened to on repeat for a few weeks. It was during one of my Wolf’s extremely agitated phases.

Goodnight for now.