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First time since I got hired that I ever asked more than once in a shift if I could go home early. And I can count the number of times I’ve asked at all on one hand. Severe pain is not desirable at work when there is literally nothing to do and the managers are inventing goofy errands to send me on, not realising that I am being slowly immobilized…

This song has a swear in it. (*gasp!*)
The video is also incredibly bad. Don’t watch it. The high levels of dumb will probably kill you.

Vampire Life by The Catholic Comb

Why? It was another one of Wolf’s songs. It was about how we didn’t care anymore. (But we do, which is what we talk about on evenings like this one when we are driving home and, in between talking about it, are snarling or singing gypsy-band songs in a loud voice.)