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I saw the trailer for The Hobbit.

So excited. ^_^


I feel pretty good right now. Much better than I have lately.

Like my Wolf.



I’m excited about Christmas, too, I guess. I just wish I could slow everything down a little. Ever since I got out of college, I feel like time is speeding up more and more. And it isn’t even just the months and seasons and all of that…it’s the actual minutes. I feel like they’re moving faster so that I always feel hurried. Things that I would maybe take five minutes to do seem to take so much longer…quarter and half hours flick past like pages in a flip-book.


There are never enough hours in a day or a night or an afternoon.



But for all that I feel pretty okay.

I have a few things that need doing still…mailing some packages. Getting my hair cut since I keep not doing it. Still have maybe two gifts that I want to do. Have even considered a gift suggestion from my Wolf, but as much as I love that me, he is a terrible creature and I will probably not do it since that would encourage me to be more terrible, overall. I could stand to be less so.





Momentum by Diary of Dreams


Why? Because I was still getting over my having been dead. And because this song had noises in it that I liked to hear at high volumes. It is probably responsible for some of my hearing loss over this past year.







Goodbye for tonight.