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What a crammed full day. Work, tacos, wrapping a few more things, sitting like a creeper in the dark for almost twenty minutes, marveling that Juan Küffner seems to be able to get 98 syllables out in one breath (seriously, it has to be a trick), stockings of goodies with Jesse’s family, and now this.


Got up at about 540 and must again get up at that time and do some very similar things tomorrow, so I am off to bed as soon as this post hits the interweb. Hopefully it will be a nice day, and I’ll be able to divide up my time successfully and make everyone happy.


And as for those few of you who still look at this (even though I’ve gotten boring and resorted to posting songs), I hope you all have a happy Christmas indeed.  🙂





Alive by Assemblage 23


Why? Because I liked how his voice sounded. And the song was a dark kind of twinkly. And because I felt like this was a good description of a place in the mind that Mike and I talked about before when we were still really friends. A poor thought to leave you with on Christmas Eve, I know…but I hope you will forgive me.