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Alrighty…last two songs and then I am off to work, where I will not be off until 2am. I doubt business will be booming, since New Year’s is a bar and club holiday and not so much a movie theatre one…but we’ll see.

My Despair by In Strict Confidence

Why? I liked his voice in this song. It’s a scratchy voice, which is a change from the kinds of vocals I usually like…but I guess changing things up now and then is a good thing.

Vergissmeinnicht by Eisbrecher

Why? Because I liked how it sounded. And even though I’ve seen a few slightly different translations for what the song is supposed to mean, they all seem to be in the same vein, and I was surprised that I could identify with those sentiments. It’s like what I always tell myself…that I’ll be done with all this ridiculousness, but I never am.

Have a happy start to 2012.

Reeser T. Shadow