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Day 27 — What were you like as a child?


I had long hair and giant glasses when I was small. I was a really tiny kid, too…when I was in preschool, I weighed so little that my pediatrician wanted to put me in the hospital until I weighed a more normal amount, but luckily I didn’t end up having to do that. Still, I didn’t outgrow toddler clothing sizes until I was in the second grade.


I was one of those kids who loved animals. I loved all my friends’ pets and every stray cat I saw, and we spent a lot of time at the zoo when I was little.


I didn’t like Barbie dolls, but I had a lot of animal toys…stuffed animals and animal figurines and My Little Ponies and all of that. I had a lot of dinosaur toys, too. My favourite toy for a long time was a black stuffed dog named Bingo.


My favourite movies had animals in them…like Lion King and Balto and Land Before Time…Homeward Bound. I liked to watch the Muppet Baby show and Pee Wee Herman…My Little Pony and Care Bears. Noozles and Grimm Fairy Tales Classics. Stuff like that. I got bored watching Loony Tunes shows, because they were so repetitive and violent. Although I liked Marvin the Martian and did a funny Marvin voice.


I liked books a lot. When I was small, my mom says the only messes I would make were when I pulled every single book off my bookshelf and looked at all the pictures and left them in a pile on the floor.

When I was in school, every book I checked out was a nature book or a Zoo Book or a book about dog and cat and horse breeds or a book about talking animals or something like that…and that’s about all I read until I started reading Goosebumps books.


I liked to draw a lot and other kids in my class said I was the best drawer. It was one of the only nice things they ever said about me.


I would never wear dresses. I did at first, and then there was one day at recess when I went down the tall slide on the playground and a rude boy said that he could see my underwear. I decided that I didn’t want other kids to make fun of my days of the week undies, or the ones with the Scottish terriers on them, so I stopped wearing dresses and skirts, and didn’t even own one until I was 14 and went to Catholic high school, where a jumper was part of the girls’ fall and spring uniform.


I think that about sums it up for what I was like as a kid.