This might seem foolish, but I’m curious…



Do you ever think of things that you know you might not ever say, but you realise that there’s a possibility that there could come a time in your life where you might have to say those words, and so you wonder, when you are exceptionally bored, how you would go about saying these things, and you practice saying them and realise with some disappointment that either you do not sound convincing, or that when the moment comes for you to use these words you’ve been practicing, that situational events might prevent you from getting to say them the way you’d gotten used to trying to say them?


Does that make sense?

Am I the only one who does this?



I guess not.

Usually this is what we refer to as daydreaming.

Except that I’m not daydreaming.


I really am trying to figure out how one would go about saying certain things that you might not ever say and might even hope you never have to say (like if someone died…how would you tell somebody that someone they know is dead?), and I am forced to conclude that I fail at all of them.



It’s pretty sad.

Or…it disappoints me, anyway.
Maybe I am just dumb and other people don’t do this.