Challenge Post


Day 28 — What is your favourite movie and why?



This was a question about books, but I changed it because the book questions pose certain challenges to me, bookish person that I am. (Right now I’m reading Conan Doyle’s The Sign of Four).


It’s very hard for me to have a favourite movie, but not because I like so many movies and just can’t choose between them. I have more trouble because I feel like the story is so incomplete. Film and television are constrained by time in ways that books are not, and I find I like that less and less as I watch more movies.



Still, there are ones I like a lot.


My work nametag says that one of my favourite movies is The Nightmare Before Christmas, and so it is. The music is great, and I like the stop-motion animation a lot.


A bunch of other movies I like a lot are based on books…like the Lord of The Rings trilogy, which was beautifully done, even if they had to cut some things down. Or Interview with The Vampire, which I thought stayed true to the tone of the story, even if some points were changed and some of the effects were a little goofy.


I’m not sure what my favourite movie is that doesn’t have a book as its model…but I did really like The Prestige, and my sister got me Legend for Christmas. I have yet to inflict this movie on Jesse, but I will eventually.