I must simply resolve myself that people don’t care about my opinions or feelings very much. Strangers…people who know me…it’s all the same, apparently.


I bet I do it too, though. I bet that anyone who upset me today has a better, more important story about how it was actually me that didn’t care enough and wasn’t considerate enough and was more rude and more hurtful and more selfish…



I understand everything.

Who cares whether I get upset by some rudeness or some thoughtlessness?

I should just suck it up and understand that this is what life is.



Life is people not caring about how you feel.

And for the would-be-uplifting commenter who is reading this right now…just know that I am very aware of you. I don’t know why, but I feel like there is someone out there who will read this and feel like they need to write some “it’s not so bad” nonsense. That’s great and all, but you know and I will know that you don’t mean it.
Even though you think you might have a cheery line to share with me now, I must ask you to put it out of your mind. I don’t want you to lie to me. Because I know that when you are alone, and you are thinking about your life and the way people treat you, I know that you feel the truth of this. Maybe even more keenly than I do.