My iPod seems to be dying…not that the unit is having software issues or malfunctiuons or anything…I’ve just had it so long that apparently the battery can’t hold much of a charge anymore.  : /



That is all I have today.




I lied.
I am practically smashing my face in with frustration…why is everything I write so void of what I think others would percieve as triumph? I mean…I have some…one where a vampire like entity kills an angel who was mocking it…one where a demon captures a soul…one where a storm blots out the morning…one where a devil takes charge and cares for all the injured, fallen angels…but those would probably not be considered the right kind of triumph.

The angel isn’t supposed to die, and the soul isn’t supposed to be damned, and the morning isn’t supposed to be consumed by darkness. The devil isn’t supposed to care for the fallen. You’re not supposed to support those kinds of triumphs.

And then what else do I have?

A dog wanting a biscuit.
A jealous narrator at a poetry slam.

A (different) narrator with a trippy dream where he wanted to kill her.

A zombie that’s trying to be good and stay dead, but can’t sleep.
A frustrated ride home from college with my dad.
A housecat.
A zombie terrorizing the mall.
A narrator who feels like they’re in a relationship with Cthulhu.
An undead narrator missing someone who is regular dead.
A sailor who drowns himself.
And (a poem about) writer’s block.

Maybe I am a terrible writer after all.