I sent away my poems.


None of them were about cookies, and the ones I did send don’t particularly fit the theme…but…I wrote a nicer cover letter than I usually do, and at least I didn’t send them anything incredibly crappy (I sent them one about a dragon that I think is awful, but that only puts it on the same level as the one I sent last time that they not only took, but gave me moneys for).


I am almost 100% sure that they won’t use the best of the three.



When I was looking back through my partially finished drafts of things that I started and forgot about…I found at least one that was really pretty good and just needs looked at and given a title…


I feel like I like my own writing much better when I haven’t seen it in a while.

It’s a shame I don’t have any family or close friends who like poems. I would make a little booklet for them of all the decent stuff I’ve done. And it wouldn’t even be pretentious…it would be because I work hard on these things, and it saddens me to think I’m writing them for myself. I just want someone to enjoy what I did. That’s all I want.


And to not just post them all on Xanga. I want that, too.

I did it for a while, and nobody much cared, which was depressing…and I would rather send them to one person who actually cares than post them for everyone who doesn’t. Does that make sense? I hope so. I hope it doesn’t seem selfish.


I mean, I post stuff all the time, but I don’t work very hard on these posts, so I don’t care if nobody cares. The things I do work on, however…I hope you can understand that it just hurts a little to think nobody cares about any of it.