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Today I learned that if you are still for too long, apparently the blood in your body can start to congeal, and sudden movements may result in heart attacks.


I could have gone my whole life without knowing that.

And now I need to get up and walk around the house before I can continue.




(Imagine that I say this with a British accent…because I would do that.)


I have purchased a pocket watch, which should arrive on Monday or Tuesday. This serves the dual purpose of replacing my current work watch, which was a dollar gummy watch my sister found at Hot Topic, and giving me a conversation point when people at work ask me the time.


The gummy watch was functional, but a bit of the gummy part ripped a few days ago, and now the watch face refuses to stay in the band. And I do feel bad because Jesse got me a watch that I really like…but among other things, I have been cursed with skeletal wrists, and so most watches and bracelets will not stay relatively stationary when I wear them, and it makes me insane. Especially if I go to wash my hands and the watch slides down into the water. Incredifail.


Pocket watch = solution. (I hope.)




Not looking forward to work tomorrow. Not only do I close and am therefore in until about 3am, but because of a slew of problems that the closers ran into last weekend, the closing supervisors are now not allowed to leave the office until we close the box office for the night. So from six to twelve-something, I’ll be hanging out by myself.

I felt bad because Luke was stuck back there today, and I probably did a bad thing since I let him out to go find one of our managers because he had a question and they didn’t leave him a radio so he could contact anyone…it seemed a little unfair to be stuck back there and not have any way to communicate.


Also learned that we have a new shift scheduled on Friday and Saturday nights, since a guest last weekend wrote us a letter after we were closed, and we found it at the service desk the next morning.

It was primarily about how they felt like they could never come to our theatre again because after the box office and concession stand close, there aren’t any of us out on the floor, and they felt like that was unsafe and that we need to have someone visible in case of emergencies. Sooo…now there’s a greater chance of me being scheduled late on those weekend days, since we decided the way to remedy the perceived unsafeness was to have one of us hang about at the service desk, doing nothing until the last movie ends.



Now…say there are scary people lurking about and being threatening. Wth am I supposed to do about this? Call the mall security and wait for them to show up a quarter hour or more later? Ugh. Why do I have to look so utterly non-threatening?


Oh well. Solitude and staying up late. My favourites.




I am also pleased because Qaman is going to check over the French I borrowed for a poem and make sure it’s correct. Yays.






And…what else? Mmm.

I’ve determined that maybe I will take a day trip and visit someone once it gets a little warmer. I feel foolish for not realizing sooner that I could do this. But I got it now.






Now I will maybe read something. And sleep.