Book Challenge



I should be able to finish this one. I may even give real answers.



Day 1: Favorite book


I am a book person. I have many favourites, and this is even if we leave out Harry Potter and The Lord of The Rings. The following is the list of my favourite books, which I had to try really hard to narrow down to ten. They’re in order of the authors’ last names.



1. Watership Down

A book about talking rabbits who kill each other. It is amazing. I love the stories the rabbits tell each other.


2. Oryx and Crake

Good story about a bio-technology driven future that destroys itself. Definitely a downer, but gives a lot to think about.


3. Jane Eyre

I feel like I share a lot of the main character’s personality. Plus, there is enough to distract from the romance portion of the plot that even those of us who are thoroughly un-romantic stay interested.


4. The Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony

So many good essays about Greek mythology. I love it.


5. The Sound and The Fury

I has the likes for this kind of run-on, flashback-laden narrative. The likes try to offset the uncomfortable feeling sometimes that when I read this book, I am reading about my family.


6. Absalom, Absalom!

Again, I have a thing for stories where the same sentence carries over three pages. And something else about this story that I couldn’t easily explain. I am glad I didn’t get to the end the first time I read it.


7. Good Omens

Omg, this book is hilarious. Even if I find the end somewhat disappointing.


8. Blueeyedboy

I really enjoyed the idea of reading a book that was a character’s collected blog posts.


9. The Sun Also Rises

It’s like seeing from another person’s perspective how dysfunctional everyone you know is. And then realizing that you are, too.


10. The Vampire Lestat

I has the likes for Lestat. He is one of my favourite book characters. The only thing I don’t like is how almost everyone he meets adores him. That’s kind of obnoxious. Someone should hate him.