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Yesterday I bought a slice of red velvet cheesecake from the coffee shop in the mall. I was eating it in the office when Dusty came in and sat down. By then I’d already eaten all the icing’d parts, and it looked like a suspicious red lump of something.


I told him it was a hunk of raw meat, and for the briefest of moments, he believed me.

Funniest part of my day.





Day 6: Favorite young adult book


This is a hard genre to define, since it overlaps with children’s and teen books. Also because a lot of books that started out as “young adult” books (example: Harry Potter or Hitchhikler’s Guide) have amassed very large, adult fan bases.


Probably my favourite that I wouldn’t say falls too much into any of these problems is My Friend Flicka.


Good story about growing up and being responsible and relating to others…plus, there are horses.












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