Supposedly today is some sort of holiday. I would not know that from scanning my usual internet territory. Most people are either unhappy because they’re unhappy with their lives and think nobody at all loves them, are making all manner of sarcastic remarks to show that they’re not unhappy, or are getting on soapboxes to broadcast more thoughts on commercialism than I ever saw at Christmastime.


Or they’re making chocolate covered strawberries.

I don’t get that one. Is that, like…a thing this year? o.O






Anyway…it wasn’t a holiday for me since my place of employment is a typical one to visit on even the smallest of holidays (I kid you not, we are having a special event for EARTH DAY), and therefore I worked more than I usually would on a Tuesday morning. And I don’t think I have really bought into any of the commercialism, since the only material thing I spent money on in relation to the “holiday” is something I would probably have gotten anyway because it amused me.


I am willing to spend some money amusing myself…and consider it a bonus that somewhere out there is a Jester who declared this is his “I love Reesey face.”







I feel like I will get a good return for investing in such a face, don’t you?  😛