Riding A Black Unicorn Down The Side Of An Erupting Volcano While Drinking From A Chalice Filled With The Laughter Of Small
By Voltaire

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Well, I feel obligated to do this now, since I’ve been tagged in these posts by two other bloggers, and tagged in an unrelated post from another one who said she wished there were more interesting people like me. šŸ˜›







Apparently I am a versatile blogger, and have been given awardz.

My mission now is to note seven things about myself, and tag any other bloggers whom I would describe as “versatile” and have not already done this and/or tagged me.


This should be easy, since I am incredibly self-centered and am always noting things about myself. And there are a number of bloggers who amuse me and are worth directing you to.


Now…about me…





1. I have amazingly bizarre, detailed dreams. They’re disturbingly unlike the dreams I hear anyone else ever tell about…but that does tend to make them more fun to talk to others about. They tend to involve people or monsters (zombies, Vikings, Marilyn Manson, giant fungus…) trying to kill me, ritual sacrifices (that I try and prevent), or one epic dream I had about saving Christmas.


2. I have a degree in English Lit. I write poetry and don’t post it on xanga because I realised nobody cares and I am not charismatic or prolific enough (or rhymey enough) to generate a following based on my poems. I has the sads.


3. Although most people have left off classifying themselves as this or that by the time they’re out of high school and/or college…I still count myself as a Goth. I like the creepies and monsters, the industrial and darkwave and doom music, all the black everythings…you know how it is, I’m sure.


4. In my spare time, I supervise in a movie theatre where the guests tend to think that I am an idiot because they don’t always get their way. That or they want to hug me. They’re bipolar that way. (Just a heads up: I am there to HELP you. Unless you look 25 or under and want to see an R rated film without ID. Sorry. That is not happening.)


5. I have a very convincing British accent. I find that people are nicer to me at work when I talk that way. It’s disarming, I guess.


6. Reading is my favourite. I’m sad I don’t have as much time for it as I’d like.


7. I like to go for long walks through wooded areas, and someday I would like to live in an area where there are woods and probably fields. This will maybe not happen…but it would be nice.



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