Either he is growling and making all kinds of threatening, earsplitting noises at me, or I am running around and trying to kick that Wolf creature in his stupid head and wishing my shoes had steel toes.

Back and forth like this.
All day long.

Day 9: Book that makes you sick

I can think of three books that have some substantial (in proportion to the length of the book) gross-out segments.

The first is Richard Adams’ book, Plague Dogs.
Book begins in an animal research facility. That should be all the explanation you need.

Second is Steven King’s The Stand.
Roughly the first half of the book is about a genetically engineered virus that wipes out most of humanity. King usually fails to scare me, but he’s very gifted at writing completely disgusting ways to die, and with describing the dead in their various stages of purification.

Third is a book in K.A. Applegate’s Everworld series: Realm of The Reaper.
This book isn’t as overtly gross as the other two…but it does have the goddess, Hel, who is half decayed, and a pathway whose cobblestones are really skulls, and the further they are from Hel’s lair, the more likely they are to be still-living people who have been buried up to their chins. That sort of thing.



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