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A rarity: I saw one of my friends yesterday. Every time I see one of them in person, I’m reminded of how nice it is to have friends at all.

And then they do things like cook meals for me based on recipes from our poetry prof. and read my writings and direct me to thrift shops where I find things like vintage ladies’ hats made from animal furs which ought to have made them fashionable, except that the hatter decided that a single animal foot (claws and all) should be left attached so that it protruded from the top of the hat.

Words failed me.

We also met a group of people who were selling cocoa and baked goods to raise money for couch surfing. They gave him their card.

I shall have to make a special effort to go visit him again once or twice before graduation in May, since then he’ll likely go back to PA.
Maybe someday I will actually make friends in my own state, huh?

And to top things off, I had gotten about 3-4 hours of sleep Friday night, and then stayed up until around 2-something last night…and I took a sleep med, so that was a bad idea…I slept for about 12 hours and dreamed about Cthulhu.

Except that unlike all the monsters in my dreams, he wasn’t trying to get at me or any of my pets or family or other assorted loved ones. No…instead of all that, I just had a vague sense of an image of him, and he was talking to me in my head.

That is probably a bad thing.