I read a post today and wondered if part of it might apply to me. I know it wasn’t written for my sake…but I do fall into the collection of xanga users that the author was complaining about. Those users who never seem to read what they post and question how a stranger might take it, and who will insist on writing vaguely creepy things about themselves (I haven’t been as good about that lately, I feel) and nonsense that will never help them win anyone over.

I saw that and was like, woah, that’s totally me! 😀

Do I care about winning people over anymore? Is it something I go out of my way to try and do?

Mmm. No. Not really. Maybe in special cases, but I have not had one of those in a while. And even then, I would probably still post the same as I have been. I might try and underscore my good qualities more when I write these narcissistic posts about me…but I think that in doing that I usually end up depressing myself. Partly because I don’t believe the good things I say about me, and partly because that whole side of me has several deep, lingering obsessions that I have yet to shake.

So no, I don’t really feel like I need to win anyone over. I am content that there are some kind, decent people here who are polite and interested enough to check up on me regardless of my insistence that I am a monster. I like to help them when I can, and I like to think that we all feel better for having been kind to each other.

People are willing enough to give kindness. No winning necessary.