Oh hai. I came back. Sort of.
I mean, I didn’t mean to go anywhere, but I got my new computer set up finally, but I couldn’t use it until I backed up the system…but I have done that now. So here I am again.

And what all have I done since I went away? Mmm…not much. Work and reading and things.

Work is fun sometimes…Dustin and I spent several minutes hunting for bones under seats in a theatre…some stupid person had decided to bring in what looked like several orders of chicken wings…there were bones all down that row. We might’ve left them there is there was a horror film playing in that theatre, but no such luck. Then Abbie and I were role-playing about all the obnoxious things that both our guests and theatre employees do (I hate to say it, but this game passes the time for us a lot), but then she broke out of character to apologise because she kept calling me “sir”. And…I have never gone to visit or socialise with any of my coworkers, but I think they’re trying to persuade me that I should. Two of them have told me that they intend to try and hang out with Luke and me at some point…which is fine, but I am mystified at why it’s got to be the two of us. (Because we’re the most awesome? That has to be it. :P)

Outside of work, I saw a movie (Okay…so I guess I was still at work) and towards the end there is a scene where a unicorn gores someone to death. I laughed out loud. I never do that. It was a little bit awkward. I just…wasn’t expecting that, out of all the things that had already been crammed into the movie.
I also saw a for real zombie in the parking lot at Jester’s apartment complex. This old lady was sort of standing where I needed to drive, and she didn’t move and just watched me try and maneuver my car around her…then I saw her watching me in my rear-view mirror, and when she finally started walking away, she was dragging one leg behind her. I am still sort of worried that I was either hallucinating or being overly imaginative…but I told Jesse anyway, just so he knows to look out for zombies when he’s out at night.
And…I got a song stuck in my brain that I wish I didn’t. They are always the ones that are bad for me…hard to explain, but they are. I feel different when I hear them, and it’s never a good kind of different…I mean, I like to feel like this version of me, but it’s a me that doesn’t like other people. Hardly beneficial for me to be that person. But I am.
Read a lot. Read a whole series of short books, and a guide book, and a book from a series that I am embarrassed to say I’ve enjoyed and am trying to not look forward to the movie adaptations…and am still secretly annoyed about because the only reason I started reading them in the first place was because my sisters told me I reminded them of a character that turned out to be the fabulously gay high warlock of Brooklyn… (yes, somewhere deep down, there is still a small flickering anger that lights up when these particular comparisons are made…..plus…..passive sentence structure! ahh! run away!!! fragments and lack of capitalization and such! multiple exclamation points and bad writing all around, just to detract from what I actually said!!! *panic and characters scattering in all directions*  hdfshfggukyrgQHJVRTYQFRQJHV. *Caps lock makes a brief appearance.*)

I am sad, too. I think I will not get to go after all. I wanted to…but it didn’t really occur to me that I can’t go on my own, and I would have to if I went…so I can’t. Thinking about how I might get around this, but I haven’t come up with anything brilliant yet. Disappoint.

I go now.