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Was away on a (real) vacation from Sunday to today. Forgot to mention it in my last posts.
I have pictures, but I think I will leave them in the camera and phone for now. Probably (?) post them on Sunday.

I had a cluster of those vivid, grotesque dreams I get. One was bad enough that I was genuinely afraid to go to sleep the next night, and that doesn’t happen too often, despite how bad my dreams have sometimes been.

I remember three well enough to tell you about them.

I. Bites

I was supposed to give a presentation about something (later that day? in a few days? I don’t know), and this Asian girl who was presenting with me was bitten on the arm by something. This became a problem when her arm started necrotizing (what a popular word lately) and had to be removed…and then her other arm and most of one of her legs.
I don’t know if it was the illness she had or the shock of suddenly being a multiple amputee that caused it, but she was pretty much reduced to a babbling, eye-rolling, drooling, wheelchair-bound mess, and I took it upon myself to abandon the presentation and hunt out whatever had bitten her.

My dream skipped ahead and I was wheeling her through a train station…and I don’t know if I was taking her someplace or if only one of us was going or what, but the scene switched again to myself and another person making our way up a trail. This trail was an awful combination of woods, plentiful rocks, and an uphill grade…I don’t think I’ve ever had the sensation before of actually exerting myself in a dream, but I did this time. The perspective in this part of my dream was also really confusing because I think I was myself, but that the other person was also my Wolf, and the point-of-view kept switching between “me” and “him” so that I couldn’t really keep track of whose eyes I was looking through.

Eventually, the ground stopped sloping upward and just went straight up, like a cliff, but it wasn’t a high cliff and we figured we could find a way to get up through the trees that were growing next to it and make it to the top, where it looked like the cliff was just cut off. So, as I was trying to decide how to manoeuvre myself up through some tree branches close to the top of the cliff face, I heard a loud growling.
Looking up, I saw a mangy shepherd dog with a dead-looking leg and foamy jaws, and I really thought it was going to attack me, but a voice on the top of the cliff called to it and it stopped growling and lay down instead, while my dream-perspective shifted to the other me, who was already at the top of the cliff. I don’t remember that I saw the source of the voice, but lighting at the top of the cliff was a sharp contrast to the lighting we’d been using to climb the hill, what with the hill being fairly sunny and the clifftop being very dark and almost stormy-looking.

There was also a temple.
There often is one in my dreams.

I’m irritated that I couldn’t find a good match to what it looked like…but it was tall and nearly castle-like, with a triangular opening. The walls around the entrance and the few windows in the towers on either side seemed to lean out from the walls at their tops. There was also a bluish, pulsing grid across the ground, which was flat and black under all the leaves and dirt. The “voice” I’d heard seemed to devolve into a psychicly-relayed message that there was nothing to worry about, since the disease couldn’t spread on the temple grounds, and then something involving an alarming image of a purplish, pterodactyl-like dragon creature…

Then the dream ended.

II. In the walls

The dream that scared the sleep out of me was of the house in Michigan. It is hard to explain since none of you have been there, but there are parts of the house that aren’t finished yet, and are subsequently blocked off from the main house. This includes a room that used to be the attic, but that was intended to be my room someday.
We’ve had bats in the house up there three different times, and twice they got in through that closed off (but not quite closed off) attic room.

Downstairs is a fairly large room that was my sisters’ room, and where I was sleeping while I was away.

In my dream, the door to this larger room opened, and one of the theatre crew members came quietly over to my bedside and shook me awake. She seemed distraught, and asked me if she could please, please stay in the room I was in. She said she couldn’t stay in the room beside the closed-off attic because there was something in that room and it kept talking to her and asking if it might be let out of the room it was shut in.

And I heard the voice that was asking to come in the house, and I never want to hear that whispery, clammy, grey voice in my dreams or in my waking life ever again.

III. Minotaur

In this dream, there was a war going on. People on our side were dying left and right, and we knew we were going to run out of troops if something didn’t drastically change. Our commander was very anti-magick, but we had a nurse who was a witch and could heal people. She had been ordered not to use magick, but at that point, our commander was at his wits’ end, so he said she could do whatever she liked if it would help us win. So she started healing our people.
I don’t know what I was supposed to have been doing, but apparently this was a multi-dimensional war, so while there were people dying on the battlefield in our own dimension, there was also a small portal that had opened inside our commend center, and creatures were coming through there and killing us from that point as well.

Now, I guess a “small” portal is still a big deal when big things can fit through it and kill you, but it was a lesser priority, apparently, because they sent the me that is Wolf to deal with the portal by myself. So…I went to the portal, and there were dead everyones imaginable lying on the metal floor on our side of the portal, and also on the log ramp that had been built up from the desert-looking ground on the other side.

At first it didn’t look like anything was going to come up from the desert and attack, but then I saw the minotaur. He was red-faced (but definitely more bovine than Darkness in the Legend movie) with a shaggy black coat and black leather armour, and an axe, and he roared and came charging up the ramp…and I smashed him in the head with a giant sledgehammer, and sent him sprawling back into the sand, dead.

There were a load of malnourished, raggedy people who had apparently been holding back, out of my sight, waiting for the minotaur to lead them in the attack, but when they saw he was dead, the looked like they didn’t know what to do anymore…some of them looked like they wanted to murder me, and some of them were looking at me like I was a hero…and my dream told me (in those bursts of ridiculous, psychic knowledge that you get in dreams) that the minotaur had been a sort of tyrant-god to these people. I told them that without him, they had no more cause to attack us, and they were free now…but I felt oddly like I was not doing the right thing.

I wish I did not have a dream-self that feels guilty about killing gods and telling the worshippers they are free. That seems like something you shouldn’t worry about in the dream world. Not that my dreams aren’t already filled to the brim with worrying things that I’m sure almost nobody else in the world thinks about…

So yes, that is what I’ve been up to in the dream world lately.
I’ll come back and tell you more about my more literal vacation funtimes soon.