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Day 27: Favorite fiction book

This is a fantastically stupid question. I answered it when I did the first question…“Day 1: Favourite book”.

But…there is a book I read recently and am afraid to read again, and I apologise if that is a poor indicator of how much I enjoyed it, but it’s how I feel about that book.
I was astonished at how easily I could imagine being most of the narrators in the stories. It shouldn’t be that easy…I feel like it’s a trick, and if I read them again, it won’t be like that. Or that if I read them again, it will be more like that. I don’t know what I’d do if that were the case…

I am extremely disappointed that Teatro Grottesco is the only book by Thomas Ligotti that I could get at a reasonable price. I’d like to read more of his stories, but apparently everything else he’s ever written (aside from a nonfiction work that I don’t know if I’d enjoy, and a graphic novel that I also have doubts about) is out of print, and therefore expensive…

So…not my favourite book, but certainly one whose effects I am still processing.