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Not sure about this weekend so far.
Yesterday was exciting…I arrived at work, they told me that they didn’t need me but that I could take Luke’s hours Monday and Tuesday since he won’t be in. I was clocked in for a whole seven minutes before I left and went to the bookstore (I swear I should not be allowed to go unsupervised to a place that sells books…ever.) to wait for my ride to come back and get me. A book came home with me.

Overall, I was glad I didn’t work yesterday, because my right side from my shoulder down through my upper leg was a mess of pain. One of our crew members asked me if I’d had a stroke   x_x”      I still feel some stiffness in my side, but most of it’s dissipated by now.
But yesterday is done and now I have Tuesday to not look forward to…I was already scheduled 9-5, and Luke’s shift was 3-8…but I’m coming in at 10 since I’m closing Monday night…so I sure hope I won’t still be there at 8. Guess it all depends on how quickly I can get the movie schedule put into the computer.  : /

Today was dull. A lot of sniping about someone who is grinding the nerves of half the office staff…and I hate to say it, but I’m sort of glad because that means I wasn’t just imagining that this person was annoying. Of course, anyone who introduces themselves by trying to guess things about me, and then gets all but one of them wrong is setting themselves up to be on my bad side. I don’t believe snap judgments have any place when it comes to someone you’re going to see on a regular basis. You’ll have plenty of time to get to know them.

Other than all that obnoxiousness…I felt pretty useless. Talked to one of the managers for the dine-in side and am pretty excited. Might be moving to an administrative position, but I’ll know for sure later this week if I get the spot. (After the talk I had a few days ago with our GM, I am 99.99% sure I did get it.) The only thing I’m terrified about now is that since it’s a position for the dine-in portion of the theatre, I don’t know if that still means I’ll be sent out to our home office for a month of training. *gulp*

Washed IMAX glasses for a couple of hours and wound up talking to the bartender for a bit.
Learned why I should not engage in dream-interpretation with the crew members regarding our work-related dreams.

We were talking about the IMAX glasses, initially, and she said that she’d had a dream the other day that she brought two friends to see a movie, and there were exactly three pairs of glasses left for the show, but that they were all spotted and smeary and they couldn’t see. Then when they went out to the service desk to complain, there was nobody there to help them and nobody at all in the concession stand.

My interpretation of her dream was pretty uninventive…mostly that her dream was telling her to not see IMAX 3D with her friends, because we don’t clean glasses properly and have bad service at the theatre (not always true and definitely not true, respectively) and she wouldn’t want to be embarrassed about the place she works at. 😛

I haven’t had a proper work-related dream in a minute, so I told her two snippets of dreams that I’ve had…one from the other day where I went to work with blue hair and wondered why nobody was saying anything about it since it was far outside the wardrobe guidelines, and the other being my dream last night that I was at the theatre doing I know not what, and a guest got mad and I wound up being Hulk-smashed.

She told me that my blue hair was representative of being outside the norm, and that if I let people grow to expect abnormal things from me, they will stop mentioning it when they see it. The angry guest part I am pretty sure was a result of my injuring myself and, during the day, having compared how bad it felt to being smashed by Hulk…but even though the guest in my dream didn’t actually turn into a green monster, she took up the mention of that character and told me that dream was because I have aligned myself too closely with villains and the forces of chaos, and needed to be taught a lesson about how chaotic forces can turn on me and mete out an ironic sort of justice. She started to take it in the direction of corporate evil and disorder (since apparently I represent those forces, being part of theatre management) needing beaten down…but I stopped her there.

Little overboard on those interpretations, methinks. 😛
I talked in my British accent from that point on, since she hates it when I talk that way…

Maybe I am the tiniest bit evil after all.