As often as I appreciate it as a colour, I have to say…I’m getting a little fed up with blue.
I dreamt my hair was blue the other night, and today I managed to dye the skin on my right hand that colour.

I don’t know if I am pleased with how work went or not…on one hand, Abbie and I avoided that individual who is annoying us all so much…but we did this by spending about 2.5 hours cleaning and organising the cabinets in the back counter of our box office, and then cleaning out the cabinets beneath each register, and where the ticket stock feeds through, and the drawers where we keep the cash.

So. Much. Filth.

And even though we did a fairly equal amount of spraying and cleaning things off, Abbie’s hands didn’t start turning blue. But I’m pretty sure the cleaner is what dyed my hand. That or I’m either slowly becoming a smurf, or an ice giant. We’ll determine that when I start getting noticably taller or shorter. I got cleaner in my eye, too…it was awful…sprayed it at a display thingummy and it BOUNCED OFF the surface and hit me in the eye. *rage*
For that reason, I’m just extra glad I was using the glass cleaning solution and not the washroom cleaner, since I found out the hard way that washroom cleaner is corrosive and will start eating your skin… (And that, dear reader, is why you should ALWAYS read the label before use!) I don’t want to imagine what it would do to my eyes.

All that dust and filth made me keep sneezing the rest of the evening…I never was diagnosed with allergies, but for the last couple of years I’ve been thinking more and more that I probably have them after all. Meh. -_-
Took a shower when I got home though, so hopefully all the dust and dirt and cleaner is off my skin.

Almost time for sleep…tomorrow maybe I will go drop off some books I don’t want at the half-price bookstore. Maybe look for a movie. I stopped at Wal-Mart before I came home tonight (such an interesting place at 1:30am…), but I could only find it in Blu-Ray. I’m annoyed that I even want it…

Suppose maybe I will try and fall asleep before 4. (That will probably not happen. I’m wide awake.)