Today was only part of the success it could have been. I could have gotten up earlier and gone to the used bookstore…but I didn’t. I also could have not had my car turn completely off in the middle of my starting the engine. I never enjoy those nights where it is already after 1am and I have to call and see if someone can come pick me up. I dread the possibility of not reaching anyone and then having to sneak around and sleep in the break room one of these days.

I did find the DVD I wanted though.
Popped into Barnes & Noble before work, and I’m beginning to wonder if they have a psychic working there who just knows when I am coming in so that they can place the only copy they have of what I want in a conspicuous place where I can find it and be on my merry way. It happens far too often, and this is twice in a span of four days. (Saying that just underscores how much I need to NOT go there for a while.) Although this time there was the added bonus of it ringing out at almost $10 less than the listed price…Reeser’s lucky day.

Aaand…that position I secretly knew I was getting? I officially have it.
Moving to admin stuff for the dine-in side of the theatre. I start Friday for all the training, and for doing as many phone screenings as I can get so we can start interviewing people. Asked the GM and it seems I don’t have to go out and live at home office for a month, training at their theatre…which is good with me. Idk what I’d do by myself for a month…since I’m not exactly a friendly person, and Luke and I really don’t have all the things in common that our crew members keep telling me we do. I am a little sad he’ll be gone for a while though…who else am I going to exchange obnoxious banter with? *smallest of sad faces*

I won’t be sad tomorrow morning while I am sending a steady stream of rage in his direction. I really shouldn’t’ve agreed to close, then open and stay late the next day…but…it’s so hard for me to argue with anyone whose bold enough to always insist that they know they’re my favourite.

Sleeptime is go.