How do I know I’m tired?

Well, apart from the slightly uncoördinated quality of my movements, and the sluggish pace of my thoughts, which trouble most mortals, add the black Shapes I see at the very edges of my vision. I hate that this happens…makes me unreasonably paranoid about going to sleep.

Today wasn’t what I’d hoped it would be, after not falling asleep until around 4am, waking up at 9 and heading to Jester’s, only to arrive and find him sick with the kind of stomach bug where, when you have it, you feel like you should just die and get it over with. Poor Jester. I sat with him for a few hours until he decided he was going to be Superjester and go in to work anyway.  : /

Came home and had dinner…found a tick crawling up the wall and wound up going over all the pets with a fine-toothed comb to make sure they didn’t have any on them. Deady was pretty cooperative about this, which was surprising…he’s getting to be pretty well behaved when I brush him or try to brush his teeth. (I know…who brushes their dog’s teeth, let alone their cat’s?)
Didn’t find anyone willing to go out and see my friend, John’s, play. Disappoint. I could’ve gone by myself, but…the probability of feeling sucky about my being by myself was quite high. I decided to just avoid it and stay home.

Cleaned up some of my room. Didn’t find anything interesting. Washed all my laundry and towels and bedding…I was feeling pretty accomplished until I realised how long the laundry was going to take.
Maybe later this week I will vacuum and clear off some of that stuff that’s been burying my desk since, oh…2009.

But now, sleep is after me. That or the dark Shapes. Not sure which is less desirable at this point.