Teatro Grottesco
By Thomas Ligotti
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I realise I sounded a lot more paranoid in my last post than I had intended.
Since…you know…paranoia is something I usually express on purpose…? -_-”  (Read that in your head with long, awkward pauses between the words.)

Been reading my book of creepy short stories again. I think I get what they’re about more than I did the first time. I’ll be disappointed, though, if I get to the one I really liked and it’s too changed on my second reading to matter anymore to me.

I feel kind of blegh.
Tired, mostly…I have not been sleeping well. The last two nights, I just couldn’t fall asleep and didn’t end up getting much because of that, and the two nights prior, I just kept waking up a half dozen times in the night. Getting annoyed about it now.

Did a few score phone interviews today. Those are so easy…I can’t fathom why almost all of our managers and other supervisors will go out of their way to NOT have to do them…six questions and done.
At least I was spared going on a field trip to recruit on college campuses and libraries and…laundromats and bus stops. In the pouring rain. That sounded like an unpleasant experience. I’m glad I’m doing the performance schedule tomorrow so I can’t be bullied into one of these field trips. (Although if I were working with any of our other managers, I’m sure it wouldn’t be as bad. And maybe if it did not rain.)

I am so, so tired.
I think I will go to bed now.
Probably read and attempt to distract myself from this small, creeping obsession I’ve noticed I have.

Still, I should be congratulated: I avoided it for a year.