Welp, the blegh feeling I had the other night turned out to be more than just my being tired. I went to sleep around 130, and then woke up around 245 and wound up throwing up my insides until about 6am. Then more during the 10 o’clock hour. Missed work and didn’t even bother getting out of bed until almost 10pm.

I may never eat Chipotle again.

Didn’t feel 100% at work today, either…and in spite of that, I got assigned to clean the break room.
It’s all clean now, except for a crusty splotch in the fridge that I couldn’t get off no matter how hard I scrubbed it.

Left a slightly venemous note on the inside of the break room door. Hopefully this will encourage the crew to make sure it STAYS clean in there. (And if it doesn’t, I have Dave’s permission to start writing people up, which I don’t want to do, but I also don’t want to wonder if the trash has been taken out in the past month, either.)
Did the uniform room and conference room, too, but they weren’t so bad.

I still feel out-of-sorts…like…I ate some noodles and crackers earlier today, and a little while ago I ate some fries & chicken nuggets…but my mouth still tastes funny and my throat feels a little raw, too. (Yesterday all I ate was a popcicle, a cup of chicken broth, and blue Gatorade. My mouth was so full of food dye that my spit was indigo…I thought it was weird. :P)
Didn’t have a fever when I woke up…didn’t even have a normal temperature, as my thermometer only made it up to 96.1. Kept feeling feverish most of my shift though. I’d have finished all my cleaning faster, but I kept feeling sweaty and dizzy and had to sit down. Had that feverish, hard-to-think-clearly thing going on, too. Definitely not one of my better days at the theatre.

I should be better tomorrow though. Just need to get enough sleep and try to eat some real food before work.
So glad I have Friday off. Now I just have to avoid getting sent home early any of my days this week or next. Reeser can’t afford to miss more work.  : /