Today I woke up before my alarm went off at 830. That’s pretty unusual for me, as I like to sleep long hours…then I even got up and went to see Jester and have lunch with his family. As a person who tries hard to avoid ever eating eggs, I was a pretty good sport about going to a restaurant called Scramblers where the main item in almost every dish is…… guessed it, I’m sure.

Went on to work and did a few things before I was summoned to the upstairs office to do more phone interviews. We finished calling all the applicants right around 8pm, and then I went back down to see if they needed any help on the floor, which they didn’t…and I might’ve stuck around and found things to do, but when I went back to the downstairs office, everyone else was being uncomfortably quiet while one of our managers was on the phone, having a loud and angry conversation with his drunk girlfriend.

I felt awkward. Then I left.

Not sure what I will do now, since I still don’t feel sleepy and I don’t want to take any sleep meds…but I may have to if I am still lying awake in an hour or so…