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I don’t have anything to say for myself this day. Please enjoy a book review that I wrote months ago.

Selection: Fallen
By Lauren Kate


Lucinda Price—Luce for short—is a straight-A student, doesn’t eat meat, and loves her parents. She’s not the sort of girl you would expect to be sent to reform school, but that was before the accident. She doesn’t remember many details: the sensation of almost getting to kiss Trevor, then the feeling that something was wrong, and finally the flames that burnt Trevor alive and left Luce unharmed.
Of course, Luce could have told her parents about the creepy shadows she’d seen following her before and since the incident, but the last time she talked about malevolent shadows sneaking around and scaring her, she’d ended up on anti-psychotics and with a therapist to boot.

At least she can make friends in reform school. And the cute boys are a distraction…it’s just too bad that the boy she finds most distracting hates her.

Reeser’s Opinion:

Someday I will get smart enough to not read books that my sisters recommend to me.
And if you ever want to read this book, stop reading this blog post now. I am going to spoil the story for you if you don’t.

This book was in some ways like City of Bones, since it was about angels and fallen angels and demons, but it was awful the way Twilight is awful. Too much stupid teen romance. Except this time the average human girl has fallen angels pining after her and fighting over her. It’s dumb. I was kind of interested in the whole reform-school dynamic, and who Luce ends up befriending and why…but all that got ruined too when we discover towards the end that half the kids there are fallen angels! W. T. H.

On the other hand, the writing wasn’t completely horrible. Lauren Kate is good with creating verbal pictures and character depth and all of thet, but these good things served only to make me sad…such good writing thrown away on a completely stupid plot…*sigh*

And, like with Twilight and City of Bones, I was dissatisfied with the heroine’s choice in boys, and that didn’t make it any easier to enjoy the story. I think that if I ever come across a teen story where the heroine likes the dark haired boy who is nice to her instead of the light haired boy who is a jerk, I will probably die from shock.

The story was dumb for other reasons, too…like the whole fallen angel angle. I don’t see that any of these characters has lost any supernatural powers, which you might equate with having a fallen nature, or that any of them are particularly demonic, which is also typical of a fallen angel…nor do I understand how a bunch of them have relatives that visit on “Parents’ Day” if they’re not human to begin with. Or why there are so many angels in reform school.

So many plot holes. So many dumb, half-ideas in this book. I couldn’t stand it. I definitely don’t recommend reading this unless you really do like teen romance novels and have the sort of non-linear way of thinking that would require a book to not be so holey.
And what’s worse? Oh, well…Disney bought the rights to make films out of this book and it’s three sequels. Gag me with a spoon. Or any other kitchen utelsils you might have handy.