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Ah…today was not so bad. Although Erin and I should not be allowed to work together when neither of us has gotten more than about four hours of sleep. Too many times the office door opened, and the management came out to find us sitting at the interview table, laughing like nobody’s business and clearly not getting any actual work done…we tried to pass it off as keeping up the company recommendation that we remember to have fun on the job. (Probably it was just our way of coping with the confirmation that we are moving to six-day-a-week schedules for what seems like an indefinite amount of time.) Played movie-title hangman with Lexi, too, but either we’re just awful at picking difficult movie titles, or we’re just too good at guessing them.

Played a lot of games today, I feel like…my sister and I went on a walk and started playing a game where you name a famous real or fictional person, and the next person has to use the first letter of the previous name for the name they say…we played this from about 830-12 and could’ve gone on, but who knows how long that would’ve gone on…

Did not work on my poem and am now too tired to do so. But I will…maybe tomorrow? I don’t know.
Right now, Imma go get ready to sleep and see if I can’t knock out another chapter or two of this horrible romance novel I’ve been reading. (Person who gave me said book = questionable taste.) I’m extremely upset by the fact that I know how awful the writing is, and how threadbare it is in places, and yet it has taken me far less time to read this book than it’s been taking me to read those Redwall books, which are of comprable length. I can’t account for it.

Goodnight for now.