Whew…so…since my last day off (the 6th), I’ve logged 73 hours.

Today was good times.
I was not happy when I woke up this morning, but…then there were puppies. And then I forgot that Jeremiah (one of our kitchen managers) and I found a few cans of that Monster energy drink, so I had that when I got to work, too…and then I got to do a lot of role-playing with the crew members, and I had a great time being an obnoxious guest and trying to help them find solutions when real guests give them problems (which they will).

And then there was candied bacon.

Alyssa (another supervisor) and I were getting a little disappointed that the kitchen was running out of food when all the training classes paused for lunch…so we were hanging around the kitchen when a waffle sunday appeared on the counter. It was probably there for a whole three seconds, and wound up being our lunch.

I have my doubts about how many desserts our servers will sell, knowing now that one dessert can feed two genuinely hungry people, but that’s just me.

Hung out with Alyssa a lot the last couple of days…she used to work at our theatre when I was a crew member, but I didn’t know her very well, and then she left and is coming back again……I’m surprised at a couple of things we have in common…like that we both took great pains to learn to write in the runes Tolkien included in the Lord of The Rings appendicies. She had been taking notes about crew members in code, and I was like, OMG, I CAN TOTALLY READ THAT! Except for a few letters that my old friend, John T. and I switched to make writing easier. It was pretty exciting. I may do like she did and make a notecard to keep in my bag that has the letter key on it. I’m sure we’ll find a use for coded writing……….heh heh heh.

But then I left, and came home to see more puppies.
And I discovered I could get a shirt with this on it:

I love it. I am so getting one.

And…I got nothing else right now. My next two days are dedicated to seeing Jester, getting my hairs cut, taking my cat to the vet, and maybe going outside like a normal person.