Today I

– saw a giant coyote running around behind our house
– was given a package of penguin-shaped cheese crackers
– got all excited because I observed someone else using the UK spellings of words
– realised that those songs are not actually sad…I only think they are because I was when I was listening to them so much
– could not think of a short way to explain why that pony picture was amusing to me
– was a little perplexed when I thought about it and realised the stories I’m liking best in this collection of Halloween short tales are the ones where the women are killed…that seems wrong
– thought about how stupid my name sounds when I try to apply it to the creature I am on the inside
– wondered why I had not sent that package yet
– played with floppy puppies
– decided again that I am stupid
– Read this article,, whichI identified with pretty closely, excepting that I am not and never expect to be a very large person

Not necessarily in that order.