We have a special screening for the public in two days. We’re so not ready. I’m personally unhappy about a lot of things right now, including the fact that now I don’t actually get to attend the employee screenings this weekend. How am I supposed to help manage properly if I don’t know how these are supposed to run from a guest perspective?

Stupid freakin Batman making everyone paranoid on top of it. Erin and I getting all freaked out when our cops are hurrying into training groups to find managers, and box office cashiers are reporting that strangers are knocking on the windows and asking to be let in. We are getting very good at having completely nonverbal, panicked conversations about things that nobody around us can hear because they don’t have headsets.

Le Sigh.

I guess I had better enjoy sleeping while I can. I don’t have to be in until 3 tomorrow, but then I close, and I have no effing clue how to do any of the closing procedures because nobody had the foresight to go over those things with us BEFORE we opened, so chances are high I won’t be out by 12. And then I have to be back to open at 9.

And in less than a week from now, our CEO will be there for a vip event, which I am not looking forward to after seeing one of our regional people telling off our managers and training staff…is it too much to hope for that I won’t have to see those people? I don’t want to. I just want to stay at my house and sleep and play with the wrinkly puppies and take the beagles for walks and sleep and pat my kitty and type my poems and sleep and eat dinner with my family and email Chris and K and sleep and see my Jester and read and sleep. Not necessarily in that order. (I may lump all the sleeps together into one extended sleep.)

I just feel bad in advance for whomever crosses me during the next fortnight, since I know I will end up snapping at someone.