Omg! All the things is working again! šŸ˜€

Too bad I all that seperates me now from a deathlike sleep is a flutter of the eyelids. I don’t even have the energy to complete my cat poem. Which I need to do asap, plus write one more so I can have something to turn in by August 1th. :/

I can only pray my upcoming work week doesn’t get added to. I don’t think I can keep it up…not just that it’s long hours…I can cope with that…but that and all the stress of trying to learn 1001 new things, bluff answers when our staff asks me things I don’t know, constantly be running around two levels of a very large building and up and down stairs in thirteen theatres, and having our GM and and corporate people putting me on the spot…all the spilled drinks, silverware in the garbage disposal, and occasional declarations of love from unlikely team members…omg. I can only cope with so much.

Not that it’s all bad…I mean, we’re very professional all the time always…in front of other people…covering for each other while we take turns hiding from everyone…eating four pieces of cheesecake in a row and making ourselves ill…spilling rum in the ice bin at the bar…texting each other snarky messages…

But that’s done for the day. Sleeptime is now, so I will go do what all management staff does…lie awake for a while, and eventually fall asleep and have nightmares about work.