Ha. Well, today was awkward.

At least I’m consistent, right? I mean, not everyone can make good on that claim.

Arrived at work and wandered about, looking for things to do. Wound up doing something, but to be honest…I don’t even remember what it was. I think we printed some pages and looked at the itinerary for the VIP event so we could all find out where we were supposed to be and then realise we only understood half of what was written out for us.

We drifted from office to office until about 215, when it was announced that if we didn’t eat then, we wouldn’t get another chance. I made it through half my sandwich when I was asked to print out tickets for the Friday/Saturday events…I was given 30 minutes to do this, and it took me an hour just to get Friday’s tickets out. Then I went to take over special VIP duty…which consisted of babysitting staff in a theatre so they would stay out of the view of our VIPs.

We talked comic book characters, which was tough for me since I never read any comics outside of Voltaire’s Deady the Terrible Teddy. My only other contributions were to admit that I despise Batman, and to shock the Loki fans and tell them he was a woman in some of the comics (as a non-fan, I really do have a hard time explaining why I know these things…especially when nobody in the conversation knew who Sleipnir was… *offended*).

Then Alyssa and I got called away to meet the CEO. Awkwardness ensued.

We weren’t quick enough to throw ourselves off the balcony into the mall, and I sort of wished I had been. See, the weather is awful and damp and hot, but whether it be hot or cold, the damp always seems to cause world-ending pain in my wrist. I considered gnawing my arm off last night, but settled for taking enough painkillers to fall asleep.

Today it wasn’t painful so much as an itching sensation on the inside of my skin, but I wore my wrist brace anyway. I like doing this because then everyone treats me like I’m really injured…they’re so much nicer than usual. I’ll take that any day. đŸ˜€
But then nobody wants to hear the boring explanation of what’s wrong with me, and somehow–through no fault of mine–it always turns into a story about me beating someone up. And the introduction to our CEO went something like: awkward introduction of Alyssa and I, remarks about the exciting new newness of everything, and then my senior manager was telling him I beat up one of the other managers.  x_x”

Alas…I know not why, but apparently the violence inherent in my person is such that it must be pointed out to everyone, whether I will it or no.

Really though. There is no saving yourself from that sort of remark.
I could have used an eight-legged getaway horse about then.