On our way home today, we saw what was probably a giant coyote standing in the grass beside the on-ramp. But you know me. I fancied it was a wolfman.

About time my kind came for me.

Went to the zoo and to a concert to-day.

There is nothing quite like making eye contact with someone and having them select you as a target to pantomime shooting. But not with the finger-gun. No. You are being shot with a longbow. And unlike the finger-gun, the drawing of the arrow and lining up the sight gives you plenty of time to understand that yes, yes it’s you that is the target.

This is what happens when you are the only person wearing neon yellow.

But I am okay with this. I got my book signed. And found $50 dollars in my wallet that I don’t know where it could have come from. I mean…that is a lot of dollars. Enough that I ought to remember having it.

I don’t.

And…between sets, she messaged me about her bearded dragon (I didn’t even know she had one?), and her “fairy earrings”. She said she was forcing the dragon to be social because she won’t tolerate mean monsters that bite. I said that wasn’t true, she tolerates me. Apparently this means I must be forced to be social, too.

We are now working out dates for me to go see them in October. (Which is what I wanted anyway.)

And…I always say it…but…I’m concerned. I’m always a little shocked at the change in my mood when I get these messages.
I get nothing and nothing and nothing for such long times, and I can tell that I feel progressively darker and angrier as these times stretch on, even when I’m doing the best I can to just put it all out of my mind…and then we’ll talk, however briefly, and I feel better. Even if it isn’t a particularly meaningful conversation. I just feel good about things again.

October is far.