Having too many moments of, “wait…what?” about things I already know.

Like a memory that I look at the way I might look at a wombat. I know it’s real, but I don’t believe it. I go over this memory on a fairly regular basis, and I still really don’t believe it. Like maybe my brain is trying to trick me that this happened when I know better. (opposite of truth, here)

I wasn’t even sure about wombats, but I guess they are real. And adorable.

I feel that way about work a lot, too. Especially when my crew members need help. I keep having to remind myself that I’m their boss. It’s a hard concept for me to grasp sometimes.

This, however, is not hard for me to grasp. I think this kid was onto something.

That’s what I’ll be doing in 100 years, too. 😛