I win at life.

I. Inspired moment where I remember my mother joking three years ago that she wanted something. In seeking a gift for my Jester today, I saw this other item and now it is in the kitchen window. It is a venus flytrap. For reals. My mom had a good laugh.

II. Grim tried to bite my face, but I think she was mad at Sirius and got carried away when I picked her up. Deady tried to bite me on purpose because he is a sassy cat. Lemony bit me because I was holding a squeaker…Sirius bit me because my shoes have laces and he wasn’t doing a very good job at untying them…Domino didn’t bite me because she is a good, careful dog…and she also jumped backwards up onto the couch without even looking when we were playing with a piece of cardboard earlier. Domino is an awesome dog. (This was written like a gradeschooler did it. Yikes.)

III. I am supposed to not say anything (so shh!), but two of my managers have confided that out of our supervisors, I do a good job way more consistently than the others. This is a win for me because I was pretty sure one of them didn’t even like me very much…and as a person, that may be true…but I’m glad he thinks I do a good job.

IV. I thought of something a few days ago, and I am pretty excited…if I can just get myself started, I have a story in mind that I may even be able to actually FINISH. A short story. About that situation at the water that you took it into your head to describe for whatever absurd reason (because you knew it was completely hypothetical) and make your argument on why she could not be left alone with me, like the water would materialise in your very living room! What idiocy. We must remain under your supervision because I’d let her drown? There is a myriad of reasons why people are typically barred from one another’s company without additional parties…usually that isn’t one of them (unless said people are children, which we weren’t and aren’t). Since that day, many are the stupid reasons I’ve heard people give for things they say and do, but you never justified that one. Failed utterly. And never made out that you were joking. Said it all in your self-assured, abrasive voice, and even before I was the Wolf, I had the inclination to get irritated and argue with you that you were being ridiculous, and still you didn’t let up. Has it been four years? Five? (This questioning myself is pointless…thanks to Xanga, I can pinpoint the exact date…12 July) I have not forgotten. Nor the raised eyebrows or the mild expression on her face when I looked to her for an ally. (Did she think we were both being ridiculous? Funny…that’s really never occured to me before…) But now there’s this: I can make this happen. I can tell this story. She can drown. Fine. I have already been drowned many times, and once by her own hand. It’s not so bad. And you know what? For all that hypothetical blame you would have placed on me, I know that even you wouldn’t have been prepared for the monster.