I think I broke my face.

When I woke up this morning, I was moving my hair out of the way, and happened to touch beside my right eye — OUCH.
There is no red mark and no bruise…just a very prominent blue looking vein there that I am pretty sure doesn’t usually look that way. It doesn’t hurt unless I touch it, but if I do, even the smallest touch makes me feel like someone took a meat tenderizer to my face while I was asleep. Even moving my face in certain expressions hurts.

On the upside though…I did not spend my workday in the little hot box office, and I even got a free steak lunch. It kind of balanced out the last hour, forty-five of my shift, where I was trying ever so hard to do something, but kept having to pause and walk around a little because if I stayed seated, the antsyness manifested in an irrational urge to scratch my skin off…yeah, that’s not so pleasant.

I learned something today, too.

Apparently there is such a thing as a European wildcat. I had no idea they existed…somehow I got the idea a long time ago that only Africa and Eurasia had housecat-like wildcats…? Wrong.

Heehee…such big ears to go with that tiny face. Pretty cute though.

And now I think I will go to bed and read. Maybe not in that order.